About Me

About Me!

Hello, readers. My name is Anna. I'm eighteen and at this time a senior in high school. I'm a wanna-be writer since third grade when my stories revolved around monsters, dragons and aliens. The majority of the time you find me with a book in hand or talking to a fellow reader friend about recent books we have read. I tend to pull towards YA literature and romance novels. I'm a hopeless romantic.

I'm the kind of person who will sit in the book section of any store for hours hunting through every rack until I find the perfect book(s). The thrift store is one of my favorite places for books because you can find any kind of book, old or new and not break your bank account in doing so.

I hope to do giveaways, author interviews, guest posts and book tours in the future. Feel free to contact me my contact information is in the side bar.